Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hollywood Top Earning Actress

In the entertainment industry, women are as strong as men. Especially in Hollywood, where actress income can be as large or even larger, than the actor. Here are ten Hollywood actress who earn the highest return of revenue.

Actress Kristen Wiig is probably not as famous as others, but its role in the film "Bridesmaid" and the end of this year's Christmas movie "Friends With Kids" took him to a position 9 with a revenue of 12 million dollars (USD 112.8 billion).

Highest Income Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie. Imagine what this actress as successful if when he did not play any movies in one year earnings reach $ 20 million (USD 188 billion). Most of the endorsement he received from a number of brand fashion and beauty products.

Highest Income Hollywood Actress Cameron Diaz movie "Bad Teacher" to reap a considerable profit, and in addition to getting paid to play in the film, Cameron also gets most of the benefits the film. Total revenue: 34 million dollars (USD 319.6 billion).

Highest Income Hollywood Actress Charlize Therons "Snow White and The Huntsman" and "Prometheus" is a much talked about two movies this year, and both featuring Charlize Theron. No wonder if his income this year reached 18 million dollars (USD 169 billion).

Highest Income Hollywood Actress Julia Roberts is not a good year for Julia Roberts, because the two filmya "Larry Crowne" and "Mirror, Mirror" was not too sold on the market. But still pay for it remains high, reaching 16 million dollars (USD 150 billion).

Highest Income Actress Hollywood Actress Kristen Stewart is the youngest on the list (22 years) proved to be the most income this year. Not only of "Breaking Dawn", K-Stew is also getting a lot of money from "Snow White and The Huntsman". Income this year reached 34.5 million dollars (USD 324.3 billion).

Highest Income Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock earning $ 25 million (USD 235 billion) through a number of films such as "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close", "The Blind Side", and "Gravity".

Highest Income Hollywood Actress Sarah Jessica Parker This year he's only played in the movie "I Do not Know How She Does It". But right serial reruns of "Sex and The City" still brings a lot of money, until earnings this year reached 15 million dollars ($ 141 billion).

Hollywood Actress Jennifer Aniston Highest Income Through the film "Just Go With It", "Horrible Bosses", and "Wanderlust", Jennifer Aniston tenth position with a revenue of 11 million dollars (USD 103 billion).

Highest Income Hollywood Actress Meryl Streep "The Iron Lady" and "Hope Springs" make money $ 12 million (USD 112.8 billion) for this seasoned actress.

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